About The Takeover

The TakeoverThe Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? is a historical documentary that chronicles the rise of Southern hip hop from a being an underdog culture overlooked by the masses to becoming the most influential and emulated around the world.

Beginning with the origins of hip hop in New York’s notorious South Bronx, this documentary examines the evolution of Southern hip hop from its roots in blues, jazz, soul, disco and spoken word. Detailing the individual histories of the five major hubs in Southern rap music- Miami, New Orleans, Memphis, Houston and Atlanta- The Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? delivers exclusive interviews from the artists, producers, DJs, CEOs and music industry professionals who brought Southern hip hop to life.

Opening on the shores of Miami with the legendary TK Records (the label that released many original songs used as samples for early New York rap music), this documentary takes viewers on a journey through every phase of the culture. It starts with a revealing interview with arguably the first rapper, Miami-based writer/producer/performer Blowfly. With revealing interviews on Fresh Kid Ice the Chinaman of 2 Live Crew, bass pioneer Disco Rick, Plies, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy, this documentary uncovers how the city’s music evolved from electro-rap to bass to gansta rap and reggaeton.

In New Orleans, this documentary brings to light how the Crescent City’s rap scene rode the early electro-rap wave of the mid-1980s and then later developed its own signature subgenre- bounce. With interviews from bounce artists Jubilee, Miss Tee, Magnolia Shorty and Big FreidaThe Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? follows the emergence of bounce music and shows how the local club music influenced virtually every style of rap to come from the Big Easy.

In addition, the New Orleans section traces the histories of the two most successful rap labels from the city- Cash Money and No Limit with interviews from Master P, Mia X, B.G., Mannie Fresh and Mystikal.

Then, the documentary travels up the Mississippi River to the city of Memphis. The Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? traces the city’s musical scene. The Memphis segment begins with local dance craze gangsta walking with interviews on regional trailblazers Gangsta Pat and Kingpin Skinny Pimp, continues through the Suave House era with Eightball and Tela and resumes with recent Memphis representatives Kia Shine, Project Pat and multi-platinum group Three 6 Mafia’s front man DJ Paul.

Traveling down to Houston, The Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? chronicles the city’s infatuation with slow music, gritty, soul-driven rap music. Beginning with renowned record spinner DJ Screw, this documentary interviews Houston pioneers Lil Keke, ESG and Trae and continues to uncover the screw phenomenon with interviews from Swisha House label imprint founders DJ Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C along with Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. Also, the documentary discusses the contributions of powerhouse label Rap-A-Lot Records with interviews from Scarface and Willie D as well as dissectes duo legacy UGK with Bun-B.

The Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? concludes in Atlanta and follows the musical flow from early 80s booty shake with Collipark Music CEO Mr. Collipark (formerly known as DJ Smurf), platinum producer DJ Toomp and Big Oomp Records CEO Big Oomp, through the soul of Outkast and Goodie Mob with Killer Mike, Khujo Goodie and Rico Wade (multi-platinum Dungeon Family producer), onto crunk and snap with Lil Jon and Shawty Lo and into the present with Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, DJ Drama and Young Dro.

Straight from the mouths of the artists, producers, DJs and record industry veterans who brought the culture into mainstream prominence, The Takeover: What You Really Know About the Dirty South?!? gives a play-by-play account of the culture and how it came to dominate the world of rap!